Pink Pussycat Honey Passion Fruit - 12 Count

Its Here - "Pink Pussycat for Women"

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Pink Pussycat Passionfruit flavored honey Female Sexual Enhancement Honey will increase libido sensitivity and give you a greater sexual desire. Your natural lubrication will gain an incredible boost, and promote a healthy sexual desire.

Pink Pussycat Passionfruit Benefits

  • Intense Orgasm
  • Maximum Sexual Arousal
  • Increase Vaginal Lubrication
  • Improve Vaginal Sensitivity
  • Doctor Developed & Formulated

Take a full pack at once for maximum sexual desires. Do not exceed more than one every 12 hours. Your sexual sensation will last up to 48 hours. Pink Pussycat Passionfruit will allow you to be a sensual and more passionate lover.